Darin Adler
4108 Murietta Ave.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423-4223
(818) 990-2004, (818) 990-2008 fax
10 February 2002

I am a software expert. I have done projects single-handedly and directed both small and large development teams. I have led large, prominent projects, most notably Apple's System 7. I have worked at two startups, at a large established company, and as a consultant.
1997-2002    Bent Spoon Software. Software development consulting. Many clients, including Adobe Systems, Apple Computer, General Magic, Liquid Audio, Macromedia, MatrixNet, MetaStream, Paceworks, Spinfree, WebTV Networks, and others.
1999-2001    Eazel. Technical lead, Nautilus. First employee of this free software startup.
1991-1997 General Magic. Director, Magic Cap software development. Principal architect, Magic Cap. Technical lead, Magic Cap engineering.
1987-1991 Apple Computer. Technical lead, Macintosh System 7. Chief architect, Macintosh software. Founder and manager, Blue Meanies consulting and troubleshooting team. Manager, Finder and Applications team. Founding member, Macintosh Developer Technical Support futures team.
1985-1987 ICOM Simulations a.k.a. Viacom New Media. Primary developer, MacVenture game system. Leader, three project teams.
1984-1987 Macintosh consulting. Did feasibility studies, code fragments, and debugging of clients' projects.
Selected projects as a software developer, manager, and consultant.
1999-2002    Nautilus graphical shell and file manager; free software, part of the GNOME Project (also gnome-vfs, intltool, eel, and librsvg libraries).
2001    iPod Updater for Apple's iPod introduction (factory and end users).
1999    MetaStream plug-in for Macintosh web browsers.
1997-1998 You Don't Know Jack for WebTV.
1997 Vectorium animation playback engine for Windows and Macintosh.
1991-1998 Magic Cap system software. Sony Magic Link. Motorola Envoy.
1991 Macintosh System 7, winner of numerous industry awards.
1989 Macintosh Installer live install feature.
1989-1990 Macintosh System Software 6.0.1, 6.0.2, 6.0.3, and 6.0.4.
1988 Re-edit of 200 Apple Macintosh Technical Notes and baseline sample application for Macintosh software developers.
1987 Source-level debugger for Borland's Macintosh Turbo Pascal.
1985-1987 Extended User Area for TMON debugger.
1984 Déjà Vu, Macintosh adventure game and winner of two SPA awards: "Best New World" and "Best Entertainment Product."
1984-1987 Macintosh public domain software. Eraser, ReverseScreen, Saviour, StartupDesk, Sequencer, Text Ranger, SkipFinder, et al.

My strongest points are the ability to understand new material and new situations quickly and think on my feet, to learn from and teach other members of a team, and to improve and polish existing concepts, code, and user interfaces. My specific knowledge of computer systems, software frameworks, computer languages, and the like is vast. I do not have a single specialty as a programmer or leader, but consider myself a generalist.