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Television I Watch

I love watching television, but I don't have time to watch as much as I'd like.

  • My favorite show is Babylon 5.

    The show has a fascinating 5-year story line that is almost half done. The creator, Joe Straczysinski, has promised to end the show once the story is over. The acting is good, the writing is good, the special effects are impressive but economical. I highly recommend this show. Web users are lucky to have an incredibly well-designed and extensive resource for information about Babylon 5, Steve Grimm's Lurkers Guide to Babylon 5. Check this out even if you are not interested in the show just to see how well done it is.

  • Another show I love is Homicide.

    If you haven't seen Andre Braugher, the best of a great cast, then you should watch an episode just to see his powerful performance. The characters are great, the writing is sublime, and some episodes of Homicide are powerful enough that they are difficult to watch. Every episode seems different; the producers take a lot of creative risks. I've never seen a show that uses music as effectively as Homicide either. I didn't watch this show the first year it was on, and I regret it now.

  • I also like The Simpsons, Murder One, and The X-Files. My wife and I also like cop shows, so we see NYPD Blue and Law and Order when we can.
If you're not interested in TV, perhaps you like books or comics.

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